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7 Easy and Inexpensive Candyland Theme Christmas Decorations

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7 Easy and Inexpensive Candyland Theme Christmas Decorations – If you’re looking for a fun theme for your Christmas decorating, we’ve got just the thing: Candyland! Your kids will love it, and so will you.

Candyland theme Christmas decorations are a great way to add color and cheer to your home. These simple, easy-to-make decorations are inexpensive, but they will make your house look great.

You can use these ideas for Halloween decorations as well!

7 Easy and Inexpensive Candyland Theme Christmas Decorations

Candyland Christmas tree

There are many different ways to decorate for the holidays. You can go traditional and use red, white and green colors or you could choose to be more inventive.

Candyland is a popular theme for children at Christmas time because it has such fun colors and characters.

Candyland ornaments

You can purchase candy ornaments in stores or online that will brighten up your tree. Or make your own by tying ribbons around Styrofoam balls and adding decorations like buttons, glitter, pipe cleaners etc..

Snowflakes made out of cotton balls would be perfect on this theme too!

Candyland wreaths

  • First, you’ll need to gather the materials for this wreath. You’ll need candy canes and gumdrops (or any other candy that looks like it fits in with a Candyland theme).
  • Next, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got enough of each item so that everyone gets at least one. The more people there are in your household, the more decorations you should have on hand.
  • Next, place your candy on the form so that everything is evenly distributed around it and fit as best as possible inside of the ring’s diameter. If there’s still room inside of it after all of those sweets are arranged neatly together, then go ahead and add another layer; otherwise just leave it alone!

Candyland lights

Candyland lights are a beautiful way to decorate your tree and make it look like you just walked into a candy store.

Candyland lights are not as common as they once were, but there are still plenty of options available if you want to add some color and fun to your Christmas tree this year!

Candyland candles

Candyland candles can be used to decorate your house, make it smell good and even light up the place. Candyland candles are not only for Christmas.

They’re great for Halloween parties and other holiday festivities too! You can also use them as a decoration on top of a Christmas tree.

Candyland stockings

Candyland stockings are pretty easy to make. You can either use a premade stocking or sew one from scratch.

If you decide to use a premade stocking and add some candy, the trick is that the top of the stocking needs to be big enough for all of your gifts.

You can use candy canes for the top of your stockings! They’re really cute and festive, so using them will make your Christmas decor look even better!

Candyland Christmas tree accessories

Candyland ornaments, garlands, and lights will bring a magical touch to your Christmas tree. Candyland wreaths and stockings are also available to complete the look of this theme’s decor.


Whether you’re looking to go all out with holiday decorations or just want something cute for your home, Candyland has something for everyone.

When it comes down to it, Christmas is all about the kids, so why not make their dreams come true? They’ll be delighted when they see what Santa has brought them this year!