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3 Awesome Beach Decorating Ideas for Living Room

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When you think of beach decorating, you probably picture relaxed and comfortable decor that brings the feeling of being at the beach home with you. Beach decorating ideas for living room include items such as seashells, driftwood and other natural elements with a coastal feel to them.

Decorating your living room with beach-inspired accessories can be a surefire way to bring some fun into your home while also making it feel like a relaxing getaway from everyday life.

We all know that the beach is one of the most relaxing places in the world. You can find solace in a place where you don’t have to worry about anything else but letting your mind wander and taking in all of nature’s beauty.

3 Awesome Beach Decorating Ideas for Living Room

Why not bring some of this into your living room? Here are some tips on how to make your living room look like it belongs at a beautiful beach:

Bring in the beach with some starfish

Starfish are a fun and easy way to bring in a beachy vibe. They’re inexpensive, easy to find, and even easier to clean. The plethora of uses for starfish makes them the perfect decor item for your living room.

Beach Decorating Ideas for Living Room with Starfish

You can use them as decorations on the walls or coffee table, use them as food decoration at parties or holidays, or even make them into an ornament for yourself or others!

Starfish Beach Decoration Ideas for Living Room
source : HGTV

Keep it light with some white linen curtains, then decorate around them.

To keep the room light and airy, use white linen curtains. If you’re decorating a beach-themed living room, stick with that theme for all of your window treatments. The same goes for wall art and other decorations.

Beach Decoration Ideas for Living Room with White Curtains
source : HGTV

You don’t have to choose an all-white palette; there are lots of fun colors like blue and green that work well with this look as well!

With the right fabrics and a little bit of sewing knowledge, you can turn your living room into a tropical oasis. You’ll find beach-themed fabric at most fabric stores.

If you’re not sure what you want, just pick up some samples to look through in person and then order online when you’ve found something that fits your style. If you don’t feel confident enough to make pillows or blankets yourself, check out Etsy or Amazon for people who sell custom made items like these!


There you have it! Three beach decorating ideas for your living room. And if you’re looking for even more inspiration, check out our Pinterest boards for more great ideas.