3 Tips To Create Floating Vanities For Bathrooms

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Take over your whole bathroom with these floating vanities for bathrooms ideas, all completed on a tight budget. With the elegant appearance of floating bathroom vanities and the elegant shape, this vanities are the perfect complement for the bathroom looking to embrace a modern minimalist style while still staying true to the rest of your homes theme.

From the simple, flat shelves to the elaborate floating shelf-sinks that have a place to store things, you will find all kinds of designs on this list of floating bathroom vanity ideas that are very much recommended for modern-day bathroom makeovers. Choose your preferred design in this list of DIY floating bathroom vanity ideas and build it in your bathroom using provided step-by-step tutorials and instructions.

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With their stylish look and even sleek form, the vanity is a perfect addition to some bathrooms that wish to embrace modern minimalism and yet remain true to the theme of the majority of the home. To refresh your memories, this particular vanity was designed specifically for the worlds smallest bathroom, which I believe is by far the most tiny in the world. While it might be difficult to tell from the photos, this vanity is a little too deep for the tiny confines of this space.

3 Tips To Create Floating Vanities For Bathrooms 2

The next issue we had was just how tiny a bathroom in a basement is: The countertops were not going to sit down well, since it was all very narrow. – To make installation more interesting to Ed – I had really specific ideas about how I wanted the room laid out. This fall, we took an unfinished closet – without drywalling and without plumbing – and, through the magic of DIY, turned it into the basement bathroom. A plumbing exhaust pipe and a water line that was about as tall as possible, not interfering with the vanity height. We did that ourselves, since we were doing the entire room from scratch.

3 Tips To Create Floating Vanities For Bathrooms 3

Let us talk plumbing; moving plumbing around and changing the layout can be costly, so it is likely that your new vanity will need to go in the same place as the old. Note that installing floating vanities may be an easier process in building a new house, or in the middle of an entire bathroom remodeling.

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One thing that you really have to be careful of when going with a floating vanities for bathrooms is how you install it. Style is the big consideration here, but you still have to take into account your whole space, clearances that you have around cabinets, doors, etc., where your plumbing is located, the placement of your faucet, and even the weight of your countertops, if you are serious about going with a floating vanity. The bathroom layout and where your vanity will sit are also factors to take into account when choosing your ideal vanity.

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While living room and bedroom may consume most of the time in your planning, you must not forget to design the bathroom to feel like it is an extension of most parts of your home. Now, we are not talking about some magic floating toilet cabinets, but rather, stylish, contemporary considerations for your bathroom, which at least could help to give you the illusion of extra space.

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Maybe even the shower and the vanity, to allow you to stand up and conveniently manipulate your vanity drawers and doors. There are two things to think about when choosing a new vanity in a bath; where are the tub doors and other fixtures, and how much space is available for a vanity.

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With small apartments and trendy loft apartments becoming increasingly popular, modular bathroom vanities really do free up some much-needed foot space. With cool small apartment and loft studios turning to be quite popular, a floating bathroom vanity does save up on much-needed legroom.

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The beauty of floating vanities for bathrooms is it gives the feeling of authenticity with a modern theme you are going for in your decor. These floating wooden bathroom sink shelves would make for an intelligent addition to any rustic, vintage, contemporary, farmhouse styled bathroom setup to create an amazing transformation. You can choose a rustic, glamorous, minimalist, cabinet-style look, or from other contemporary bathroom vanities design ideas for your freshly-remodeled bathroom.

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