9 Living Room Furniture Ideas For Small Spaces

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Modern indoor decorating ideas for small living rooms require creative uses of lighting fixtures that illuminate the smaller spaces to make the design of living rooms appear larger, lighter, and swankier. Functional and spacious small living room interior designs call for transformative furniture and multipurpose items, space-saving ideas, lighter-colored room colors, and clever living room furniture placements that help maximize the space available in a smaller area.

Compact living room furniture, space-saving furniture placement, vibrant lighting fixtures, light room colors and practical household accessories are all excellent ideas to make a functional small living room design seem larger, nicer, and inviting. Make the most of your small space home with these smart tips to lighten up your space and declutter your tiny space.

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From where to position your furniture, the right type of lighting, to using every inch of your floor and walls to ensure that you do not end up wasting space, the Forbes Councilors has pulled together 10 ideas for a tiny living room that can help you maximize the available square footage, regardless of your rooms size. In a smaller living room, you will want to avoid big pieces of furniture that will clog the space, but when it comes to carpeting, bigger is better.

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A smaller rug may feel like it is floating in the middle of the room, making the space feel uneven and smaller. Just be sure to anchor your pieces with a larger area rug, like you see here in this tiny living room, and also be sure that this is also a practical option for your space, you want to be able to move easily throughout your room, not be constantly walking on your couch and coffee table.

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From small side tables that can be moved from one end of the room to another, to ottomans that double as coffee tables, seats, or storage, and chairs that are easy to relocate across the space, opt for furniture that does not need to be rooted in one place. Look at how here, living room furniture shows big, curved couches and ottomans that fill up space without needing a lot of other pieces, because they add all of the needed color, style, and form.

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Small Furniture In A Small Space, Playing with Scale is one way of adding interest in a smaller room, and looks much less cluttered than stuffing it full with lots of smaller pieces. You could add a ceiling beam, a half-wall, or columns (like what is in my family rooms and kitchen) to visually split the room up semi-permanently, or, for flexibility, you could use area rugs, drapes, wallpaper, and furniture placement to help create visually comfortable spaces inside larger rooms.

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Design elements such as shelves, hidden storage, accent lighting and a consistent color scheme can also make a smaller room feel larger. Keeping your floors the same color as the furniture can also help blend the room together–if there is nothing standing out, then your eyes will wander throughout the space, and in a smaller living room, that could be crucial in making it seem larger.

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There is no rule saying that you cannot have darker colors in a small living room – in fact, dark colors on small living room walls can look great if the room is lit well, has big enough windows, and faces either South or West, making the space really feel welcoming. Add mirrors to walls and furniture with reflective surfaces in the design scheme to maximize the natural light that enters the living room, making it feel bigger and brighter.

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When it comes to tiny living room storage ideas, shelves can be such a blessing, because they add practical storage space as well as space for decorations, and if you choose a wall-mounted design, they also take up zero space on your floor. Floating shelves are ideal for smaller rooms because you can store lots on the walls or alcoves, or go for custom-made, floor-to-ceiling shelves and cabinets that use every inch of available space.

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