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9 Modern Coastal Living Room Ideas : Make it Look Fabulous

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Boho coastal pillows in navy and white highlight the cream-colored couch in this contemporary coastal living room. Metallic-colored lamps with white shades, some plants for a bit of natural greenery, and eclectic choices in tables, such as these simple side tables that pair with the bulky wooden coffee table, make up the stylish modern coastal living room. The gorgeous space below mixes soft neutrals, wooden beams, and an amazing collection of chairs around an eye-catching coffee table to create a luxe, but approachable, coastal living room.

You can have modern coastal living rooms that are styled for modern living, adding a splash of color and personality with a blue accent wall. Bring a seaside theme into your living room and channel coastal chic by using calming whites, washed-out denim, and soft furnishings in cool shades of blue. For a more subdued approach to coastal style, draw inspiration from the natural elements of chalky cliffs and shingle beaches. Whether you own a beach house or simply want a simple beach-inspired living room, Coastal-style designs are a lovely solution.

Modern Coastal Living Room 1

This gorgeous living room, designed by Livingston Interiors, is an excellent example of coastal modern style. Your living room is bound to look fabulous with a piece of wall art such as this metallic-and-wood school of fish, which is painted white, azure, brown, and navy — all of the trademark coastal colors.

Modern Coastal Living Room 2

Mix cool blues with warm neutrals for a serene, modern look in your living room that exudes laid-back charm, which is synonymous with coastal style. Whether you go with lots of woven elements, glass and brass, a touch of light wood, or simply a generous dose of fresh white, there are plenty of ways you can inject some contemporary coastal style into the kitchen, as shown in the beautiful space below.

Modern Coastal Living Room 3

Instead of getting overwhelmed, keep reading for a look at some of our favorite contemporary coastal living rooms — and bookmark your favorite contemporary coastal design ideas from the group. Some of our favorite living room coastal design ideas are pieces like a rattan side table, a mosaic coffee table with seashell-like finishes, ropy hanging pendant lights, and basket-weave hanging lights.

Modern Coastal Living Room 4

While there are a lot of versions of coastal styles, my favorite modern coastal interior design versions are lightweight, minimalist, and refreshing, with a blend of laid-back beach houses and classic tailored styles. Modern coastal design blends the elegant minimalism of contemporary design with the beachy vibes of coastal design. Coastal design — with its bright colors, seaside prints, and kitschy furnishings — is known as just the opposite. The loose, stripy linens covering the upholstered pieces and the wooden coastal-inspired furniture are all a nod to beach life.

Modern Coastal Living Room 5

This minimalist living room by Becca Casey from Becca Interiors is unexpected in its serene aesthetic, which displays the gorgeous light from its coastal setting. Weather-tight shiplap has long been popular in areas of rugged weather — especially on the Northeast Coast of the United States — but when used indoors, it makes for a lighter, informal space, one that resonates with beaches and summer sunshine, as demonstrated by this coastal living room scheme.

Modern Coastal Living Room 6

The furniture and furnishings of the living room lend themselves to a relaxed, lived-in feeling – think braided wicker, weathered wood, and bleached linens – and the natural details add coastal elements, from pebbles and driftwood pieces to sand shells and faux coral.

Modern Coastal Living Room 7

Rearranging the floorpan to create the open-plan living room provided the occasion for an overhaul of furniture and furnishings throughout this coastal house. The family room/TV lounge is a great spot to add some informal coastal flair to the home. Be sure to choose a proper coastal couch, because it will probably become a focal point in your room.

Modern Coastal Living Room 8

The last decor piece is where you can either up the ante with a complete coastal theme, or provide a subtler nod. Using only one or two of these throughout the space just gives that Coastal inspiration a subtle hint, or you can layer in a few more to get a more noticeable theme.

Modern Coastal Living Room 9