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Beautify Your Home With These 9 Black And White Living Room

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In an interior design world with limitless shades and color palettes, it is clearly appealing to opt for a stark black and white living room. Choosing black walls is indeed a bold choice when it comes to designing living rooms, which brings out the best of your living room space.

This stunning living room design gives off a sense of spaciousness using a bold stripe of black and white paint that draws your eyes upwards. Here, a small section of the bright white room has been transformed by the use of a feature wall in sky blue, which draws the eye up and makes the best of a tall ceiling.

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Vibrant yellow brings an unexpected energy to the stark black-and-white space, and tiny white-and-black tiles make for a contemporary, digital feel in the floor below. To add some symmetry to this inviting, rustic living room, designers added matching black, coffee tables, artwork, floor lamps, and geometric sculptures on each side of the fireplace.

Simplicity chose several key pieces for this dining room–from a trio of black-and-white works of art, sculptural chairs, to a splash of greenery–and allowed them to shine, rather than stuffing the room full with furniture, making the space feel open and relaxed.

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If the boundaries in your living room space are in the black-and-white colorway, bring in furniture and decorative items with varying sizes or shapes to give the space some flow and dynamic feeling. If you are a minimalist and prefer a stark color scheme, using black accents in a mostly white room can provide some dramatic graphic effects, like industrial black metal light fixtures, desk lamps, or floor lamps in a white room.

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However, black and white is used much more often in both modern kitchens and relaxing, spa-like family bathrooms, than it is in the living room. As a soft contrast to the blacks, and complementary hues to whites, the pastel tones would provide an attractive visual appeal, while also making the living room look warm and welcoming. From the classic Scandinavian styling to a chic SoHo approach, black and white helps make your living room look much more urbane and elegant.

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While a black and white bedroom will almost always feature a vibrant splash of textile accents, for a living room, you can actually create a true monochromatic setup using just those two shades. Black and white can also be used to deliberately create accents that add personality to a room. You can also make a beautiful set of black and whites by creating contrast with living room furniture such as frames, lights, lamps, or throw pillows.

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If you are thinking about creating a living room with a mix of white and black, you may wonder how to inject your own personal flair into the room. Taking on a white and black project might sound overwhelming, but not to worry, as we are going to break things down for you to DIY your B&W living room. A living room looks sleek and smart when decorated with a stark white-on-black look, but if you are sticking to the monochrome colour scheme religiously, it is really important that you include lots of textures throughout your room so that it feels warm and inviting.

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Even if you are hoping to incorporate some rustic living room ideas, this list of great spaces is a great resource, as plenty of rooms include beams, floors, and rustic wooden accents that look beautiful contrasting with the white. If you are looking for living room decor ideas that will immediately bring a little bit of difference to your space, picking a couple colors that repeat together is a good starting point.

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A couple of striking pieces that are a strong shade would make for an excellent room accent, and they can also help you freshen up the space as the seasons roll around. A stunning black-and-white carpet in a bold geometric design (inspired by Moroccan styles) could really change the vibe of the living area, while also driving home a bold monochromatic look. Black kitchen cabinets can look impossibly smart paired against stark white walls, but in order for a room to really succeed, it is essential that you ensure that your floor is a light color that will reflect the light, as well as adding wood into the scheme, either through the countertops, additional cabinets, or just accessories.

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Using murals can also open up space, since they prevent the white expanse of walls from making the room seem squared off. The easiest way to soften up a monochrome wall is by painting white lines across it, either on ceiling, molding, baseboards, or accessories. If you are looking to get really fancy in your monochrome theme, you could go with a black wood flooring connected with the black accent wall, and use predominantly white walls and furniture.

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If your living room is small, keep the colors light and vibrant: Stick with white, or something that is close to white, on your walls and ceiling. Of course, you do not necessarily need to completely rule out darker colors if space is limited, going with darker walls of, say, navy or a deeper green, would add a lot to the cozy feeling of the smaller room, and could really make it feel inviting.

This living room uses the classic color pairing of dark red and grey to great effect — just take a look at how nicely those burgundy throw pillows work with their grey sofa. This living room shows off an excellent example of minimalism: simple black candle holders and a coffee table bring bold accents to an otherwise white and grey room. This farmhouse-style dining rooms navy gray shiplap provides the elegant backdrop to a gallery wall of black-and-white photos.

You can uses a color scheme consisting of neutrals, grays, and touches of red, black, and white to bring an appealing sense of style to this guest bedroom. To achieve the look and feel of a beachy seaside resort, start with a blank canvas, painting your entire room in white, cream, or beautiful baby blue, and then you can add details and accessories; muted, softly coloured furniture, adding in an occasional striped piece to get that right coastal vibe. White and black designs, combined nicely with details of other colours such as gold, purple, red, silver, or perhaps anything else that suits your needs.